10 most popular fields of study in Poland

Poland’s university landscape is a bit different than in other countries. As a developing country, Poles doesn’t have their own Ivy League, but they are working on one. In the foreground, there is an increasing interest of candidates in the directions which HR experts call “prospective”. It basically means fields that ensure the acquisition of knowledge and skills valued on the labour market. For several years now, we have been observing a systematic decline in interest in humanities and social sciences. What conclusions can be drawn from the list of the most popular fields of study? Let’s take a look!

Medicine and medical majors

Contemporary medicine is developing very fast. New specializations are being created, followed by new fields of study. Medical faculties are addressed to people who are interested in biological mechanisms of organism functioning. Ideal candidates should have a good memory and speed of learning because studies require a lot of material. There is no room for mistakes or superficial knowledge because mistakes made during later professional work can end tragically. Ideal candidates should have a sense of responsibility and highly developed empathy.

The study programmes are filled with lectures and exercises in biology, chemistry and related sciences. In addition to theory, laboratory classes and practice play an essential role. Despite the high initial requirements (high points), medical faculties have been at the forefront of the candidates’ choice for many years. Graduates can usually count on prestige and good wages.

Depending on the chosen field of study, you can work as a doctor, pharmacist, physiotherapist or analyst after graduation. The work awaits, among others, in public and private clinics, hospitals and laboratories, in Poland and abroad. The most popular medical majors are medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing, medical analytics.

Computer science study

Computer science is a unique field of science because it’s both technical and scientific. If one were to consider whether a theory or practice plays a dominant role in this field, one would have to say that theory serves practice. It is not uncommon to see accidents in which method reveals new theoretical ideas to science. Yes, it can be said that the long-term science of mathematics is not accidental in this direction. It finds its critical applications in the course of learning other subjects.

Computer science is a fascinating discipline of knowledge, a real paradise for strict and practical minds, which will appreciate the considerable wealth of fields of information technology. The end result is that studies in the borderland of computer science are almost a guarantee of a career. Believe or not, but Poland is actually headliner in that field of science and the fastest-growing IT sector in central-eastern Europe.

Management study

In theory, control allows you to learn methods and techniques of directing people, increase your skills, before starting your own business or start climbing up the next career ladder. Learning is based on the analysis of various cases, reading articles and books and learning tools to optimize the management process. It covers many fields of Law and administration, while learning takes place using different methodologies such as finance, economics, marketing and, of course, modern technologies. Studies are not the easiest, but the knowledge and skills acquired will be an invaluable asset in the labour market.

Psychological study

Psychology is an exciting field of knowledge. Everyone who likes intellectual challenges sooner or later starts to get acquainted with such or other psychological publications. Meanwhile, psychological studies are a serious, scientific and in-depth reflection on man and his relations with the environment. How can a psychologist appear in the labour market? As a rule, psychologists very closely associate their profession with their specialization, occupying positions in clinics, public and non-public health care institutions. They are also running their own offices and therapeutic groups in social welfare centres or non-governmental organizations.

Does a psychologist have a chance to exist in business? Of course. Many companies employ psychologists for human resource departments. Psychologists are also great specialists in PR and some branches of marketing and advertising. Psychological education is also a high ticket to liberal professions, such as personal trainer, coach, trainer of training groups, or trainer – a specialist in shaping soft interpersonal skills.     

Economics study

Economics is not at all, as one might think, a science of a strict nature. Although it uses mathematical analysis, which is a quantitative method, it is considered a social field. Why? Because it is the activity of man or society that is the subject of economic analysis. They concern production, distribution and consumption of goods. Economic studies are characterized by a high degree of universality. They create an excellent theoretical and practical basis for many professions. An economist has a chance to become a valued employee of analytical, executive and operational departments of companies operating in numerous industries.

Economic knowledge can also have critical scientific applications. It is no coincidence that one of the fields in which the Nobel Prize is awarded in economics. An economist may be an extremely sought-after person in the labour market. The components of his success are a good home university, a CV full of internships and internships, a portfolio of student projects and knowledge of foreign languages. The advantages of the economist’s personality and intellect are undoubtedly his talent for analytical thinking, excellent understanding of local and global economic conditions, the ability to combine facts, diligence and patience.

Law studies

Law studies are the only possible way to enter the legal professions that bring prestige and excellent earnings. So far, the Law, together with Medicine and Psychology, have resisted the Bologna Process. Thanks to which the absolute majority of fields of study are conducted in the system: bachelor’s degree + master’s degree + doctorate. The Law is still a uniform study: the student of this field does not defend his bachelor’s degree after six semesters of study. On completion of his studies, he begins to defend his Master’s thesis.

Automation and robotics

Automation and Robotics is a real ace up your sleeve. You can find a job not only in Poland but also abroad, earning a very substantial income. Narrow specialization, knowledge of languages and experience is a combination that is almost a guarantee of impressive success. The industry is continuously striving for the automation of production processes, which is the most important guarantee of success after graduation from the AiR faculty.

Finance and accounting

Specialists in finance and accounting have always been highly valued in the labour market. A right financier is an open-minded, pragmatic, meticulous and systematic man. You will learn to understand and predict events on financial markets, discover the hidden mechanisms of world economies, keep accounting and control the finances of economic entities. Also, you will be required to participate in traditional lectures and exercises to master issues related to accounting, economics, management, market analysis and, e.g. public finance.

An expert in finance and accounting is a sought-after specialist in the labour market who can find employment in government, local government and non-governmental institutions. But above all in various types of business entities, banks, financial and insurance institutions in Poland and abroad. It is worth knowing foreign languages, because the modern development of computer tools enables remote work, extending the scope of possibilities of seeking employment to virtually the whole of Europe.

English Philology

It may sound cheesy, but no matter what experts say, English Philology is always the right choice. Studies designed for achieving a high level of language skills will never go out of fashion. Abilities allowing for free communication and translation of texts from a wide range of disciplines will always be attractive on the work market. A well-educated philologist will find employment not only as a teacher or translator but also in corporations. In international cooperation departments of various companies and in many other areas of social life.

A graduate of English Philology in the labour market has a great deal of freedom in choosing a place that will be convenient for him/her. The sooner he makes this choice, the better. Good knowledge of English is an excellent passport to the world of business and services provided for companies operating in the UK and the USA. It’s worthwhile to become interested in useful contacts with the business world already during your studies, for example, by offering translations and editing documents in English.

Construction study

The most practical field of technical knowledge is Construction. The skills of a licensed construction graduate allow designing, e.g. concrete and steel structures, to manage construction works in the field of civil engineering, depending on the specialization, of course. Studies are not easy. There is a great deal of knowledge to assimilate, which comes from a variety of sources. An opportunity to supplementing the skills acquired during the studies are the obligatory internships, which, by definition, introduce the graduate to the labour market.

Although the studies give the impression of being strict and very firmly inscribed in engineering, it is necessary to demonstrate a humanistic flair during the study, especially when carrying out design works. There is no single, rigidly defined silhouette of a student of the Construction Industry. These are studies that create vibrant opportunities for specialization development, so everyone will find something suitable for themselves. Poland belongs to the developing countries, after joining the European Union, the construction industry began to develop very dynamically. Today, in construction professions, we can count on a permanent, well-paid job.

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