When you’re a student and you need some extra cash…

Students are known for not having much money. Only some can count on financial help from the university, the rest have to cope on their own. Support from parents is often too small to be enough to live in a big city, so there is still work to do. But what and where? To dispel all doubts, I have prepared a list of a few works that will repair your budget without prejudice to your studies. Here we go!

First of all: what are the advantages of working as a student? Apart from the obvious, which is the regular inflow of money. It is, above all, an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the culture of work. As well as trying yourself at various fields that may show the student the way forward in his career. Taking up a job at university is also a great way to meet new people, older, established and people who can share their experiences.

A full-time student who wants to take up a job while studying must remember, first of all, to reconcile it with the schedule of classes at the university. However, they can earn extra money for scholarships or pocket money on weekends or in the evenings. It is worth noting, however, that students coming from abroad will be much more attractive due to their multilingualism.


First of all, a full-time student should think about taking up a job as a tutor. If the field of knowledge he or she is developing, whether or not at university, coincides with the scope of the curriculum, he or she may be tutoring primary or secondary school students. The advantage of tutoring is that you can decide for yourself how many hours you want to work and with whom you want to work.

Tutoring earnings depend on the age of the tutee and the subject being taught. Preparing a high school student for the Mathematics Baccalaureate may bring the student earnings in the range of 40 PLN per hour. On the other hand, for foreign language lessons, he or she may receive more than PLN 60 per hour of tutoring. Not to mention students fluent both in English and their native language.

Remote work ideal for a student

Nothing works as well in college as remote working. You can decide for yourself what hours you want to work and when you want to work. Remote student work may have different dimensions. Often, students of philology work as copywriters, as well as learning computer scientists as software testers or programmers.

Moreover, it is possible to work remotely on Internet sales. This form of work gives many different possibilities. It is possible to do editing, writing advertising texts, computer graphics, telemarketing. Also, the paid running of fun pages, as well as moderating and managing portals are becoming more and more critical. Remote working is usually task-based, so the earnings are varied.

Party planner, which means perfect weekend job

Occasional work does not have to require student availability on working days. It is also possible to earn money on weekends, e.g. as an occasional planner service or as a waiter in a restaurant or bar. In this case, however, it may be necessary to have a Sanitary Inspectorate booklet, and less frequently to have experience.

It is assumed that for a night of waiter’s work at the wedding you can earn about PLN150 – 300 in hand. A bartender or waiter in a bar will receive even PLN15 per hour, but it is worth noting that a massive injection of cash will turn out to be tips.

Working as a Babysitter

Increasingly, young mothers want to continue working and return to their duties shortly after childbirth. This creates the need to employ nannies, and their roles are most often played by female students. Especially those related to pedagogy or psychology are sought. Being a nanny requires availability, but usually only in the afternoons when the child returns home from a nursery or kindergarten. Students employed as nannies earn money straight away. It happens, however, that they receive employment through an agency. The most current rates range from 10 PLN to even 16 PLN per hour of childcare.

Catering work

You do not have any professional experience, but you urgently need a job? In every academic city, you will find restaurants of popular food chains. And in each of them, you have a chance to be employed. Popular chain stores quite often look for new employees. You just need to submit your CV, and soon someone should contact you with a proposal for cooperation. It’s hard to call it a dream job, but at least you use a flexible schedule, and you can reconcile work with attending lectures. Having some experience in this field, you can apply for a job as a bartender or waitress in a restaurant/pub. The basic salary is very modest, but there are also tips, so you can earn about 100 zlotys or more in one day’s work.

Work in the cinema

It’s an enjoyable job. Especially if you are working as room service. You can choose a network cinema-like Cinema City or a small studio cinema. It depends on where the atmosphere suits you better. The benefits are obvious: flexible schedules, free tickets, the ability to work at weekends. Between screenings, you will even find time to study. When it comes to job offers, it is best to directly check the recruitment tab on the cinema website that you are interested in.        

How much can a student earn?

A statistical student can earn at least 300-800 PLN per month. But if you devote more time to your duties, you will make as much as a regular employee. Simple jobs are, of course, the least profitable, but also the easiest to find such employment. Restaurants, shops or services give a monthly income of about one thousand zlotys, and thanks to high turnover, new offers appear on an ongoing basis. A job requiring higher qualifications is the best financial offer and, at the same time, a valuable entry in the CV, which will help a lot later in the search for a regular job.

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