10 best clubs for students in Poland

Each university city has a unique personality and character. Which express the best in places where students hang out and party. There are literally thousands of clubs and spots in Poland, so that’s why I made the list of ten the best of them. Everyone can quickly end up in the biggest or most common spot on Friday night. The real art is to know the best stuff from beneath the surface. Let’s get going!

1. Sfinks 700, (Sopot/Tricity)

“Sopot Forum for the Integration of Science, Culture and Art”. That’s the full name of the famous Sfinks sounds. It used to be a place of activities and events of artistic groups from the Tricity. The area was opened by inflammatory painters, but the Sfinks is also the cradle of Polish club life, and it is the electronic events that make it known today. Currently, it is visited by DJs from all over the world, and on weekend evenings. When it is not a concert venue. It pulsates with hypnotic beats until dawn. This club is an obligatory point on the party map of Sopot.

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2. Das Lokal, (Wrocław)

On weekend nights, Das Lokal turns into an independent clubbing centre in Wrocław. The decor itself attracts attention – lamps such as light swords, illuminated ceiling and individual posters referring to pop culture. The founders of the club emphasize that they rely on ‘nonconformism, off and well understood stunning’. They also have a weakness for progressive beats. But the cross-section of sounds in Das Lokal is vast – we will hear both Afrobeat specialists and dirty, dark techno.

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3. Luzztro, (Warsaw)

This place is already cult in some circles because of the music accompanying the events. Also, because of the unusual stories, which are often involuntarily witnessed by Luzztra’s frequent visitors. No wonder, the club is known for its equal atmosphere. You will meet in it the whole social cross-section of Warsaw. In other words, all techno fans who enjoy having fun at the weekend till dawn. Luzztro is one of those places in the capital, where parties never seem to end. It’s a Mecca for Warsaw partygoers who like to go to sleep when others get up to work. Although many people look at this place suspiciously, when the desire to dance does not pass at 5 a.m., there is only one direction. In the so-called Mirrors, expect club music in every edition, from pleasant house to dark techno.

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4. Prozak 2.0, (Kraków)

Prozak offers a wide range of events with a varied climate. From regattas, disco and house to hypnotic techno. Besides, the club is not without reason called the icon of Krakow clubbing – in version 2.0 it is the incarnation of the old Prozak, one of the first off-screen clubs in Krakow. Inside, on six hundred square meters, within the walls of a medieval basement, there are 3 dance floors where such DJs as Marcel Dettmann or Michael Mayer have already performed. It is here that underground events for partygoers from Małopolska are organized today. It is difficult to find similar quality elsewhere in Krakow.

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5. DOM, (Łódź)

DOM is a relatively young club, but nowadays it is a central point of the alternative in Łódź. It’s based in OFF Piotrkowska space, where it is adjacent to art studios and exhibition spaces. Its founders are characters well known in alternative circles, i.e. Rebus, one of the first DJs in Łódź. At events in the industrial interior of the DOM, we will hear such sounds as electro, minimal or techno. DOM clearly distances itself from mainstream music.

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6. Dom kultury, (Lublin)

Music club for connoisseurs of aggressive sound. Dance parties, concerts, film screenings, all in the atmosphere of rock classics, through rap and electronic novelties to techno. The club offers alcoholic products of its own making. The interior is decorated in retro/ vintage style. On a few hundred square meters of cellars in the centre of Lublin, there is a place that meets the requirements of those seeking ambitious entertainment, unspoilt by plastic popular radio stations. The House of Culture is a place where several times a month you can listen to a good concert, watch an exhibition, meet people equally curious about the world.

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7. INQbator (Katowice)

They advertise themselves as an underground electronic club. INQbator is a birthplace of the cyclical Drum’ Sturgis. A real kingdom of drum and bass, jungle and dubstep performed by Polish DJs. The walls are sweating, the floor is evaporating, and crowds are dancing until very morning. INQ is a legend. You won’t find a better venue in town for electro sounds. As such it’s a highly charged crowd you’ll find staring into space with cartoon smiles while repetitive beats shoot in the background.

8. Projekt Lab (Poznań)

Several years ago, the Poznan Lab Project was hailed by some media as one of the best new clubs in Poland. The idea of this place was born during the owners’ visit to the cult Berghain in Berlin. It coincided with finding an ideal place for the club’s activity – an industrial building in the city centre, but still located a bit on the outskirts. Lab project focuses not only on independent club music but also on the richness of multimedia impressions, which is why VJs and visual artists cooperate with the club.

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9. Od Nowa (Toruń)

Od Nowa is a student and music club, a place for theatre and film meetings, belonging to the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. It hosts concerts of external organizers, but also the club itself organizes concerts and impresario activities, promotes music, culture, art. In cooperation with the student self-government, events for students are also held in Od Nowa. The club also has a series of jazz concerts Jazz Club, meetings with interesting people and exhibitions and performances within two art galleries. The Film Discussion Club has its seat in Od Nowa. And as part of it, twice a week, films are shown. There is no better place in Toruń where culture and entertainment meet in a more matched way.

10. Metro (Białystok)

The club has been operating since the mid-nineties, making it a true veteran. During that time, many artists from all over the country and the world performed on stage. Excellent sound system, breathtaking interior, friendly staff. Two bars – dance hall and chillout room. Soon, the Metro will be renovated, adapting the venue to the requirements of today’s audience. The sound system will continue to be one of the best in Poland. The programme policy will focus on music education of the local audience, presentation of the most exciting musical phenomena on the Polish stage and rare, sophisticated foreign books. The subway will also open up to non-musical artistic initiatives: debates, activities related to visual arts and curatorship over talented young people from Białystok.

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