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Study, work and live in Lodz

10 best clubs for students in Poland

Each university city has a unique personality and character. Which express the best in places where students hang out and party. There are literally thousands of clubs and spots in Poland, so that’s why I made the list of ten the best of them. Everyone can quickly end up in the biggest or most common spot on Friday night. The real art is to …

10 must-see things in Łódź

Two decades ago, Łódź was a post-industrial city, with abandoned and scary factories with a dark aura all over. Communistic decline and lack of consistent vision afterwards was the reason why once-thriving textile manufacturing hub, people started to call a “Polish Manchester” (in a wrong way). Fortunately, that changed in time, Łódź overcomes obstacles and like a phoenix from the ashes, become a sparkling …

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