Public vs. Private: which university in Poland should you choose?

While choosing a university in Poland, what should you focus on?  On prestige? modernity? or the cost of studying?

What’s better? Studying at public or private university? 

In Poland, just like in any other country (well, most of them), there are both, public and private universities. Let’s check out, what are the differences between them? The main difference is the ratio of theoretical and practical part of learning. While attending a state university, you’ll receive a fundamental, basic European education. In particular, more emphasis is put on the development of practical skills that a graduate can apply in real life. 

What those who are coming to Poland, need to know about the differences between public and private universities?

  • Enrollment in state universities begins earlier. Lists of students are usually formed in July.
  • Most public universities offer paid courses which require an interview, even if there’s no entrance exam. Registration in advance is necessary for attending an interview.
  • State universities’ recruitment departments are usually less inclined in contact students than in private institutions. You will probably be waiting for a response from them for a long period of time, which is another incentive to submit documents as soon as possible.
  • Private universities are more flexible both in terms of admission and in further process of studying. Transferring from one major to another, additional subjects, exchange programs – their popularity is continuously increasing at private universities. State universities are more conservative.
  • In private universities, the principle of “we’re here for the student” prevails, in state universities it’s usually the opposite – “the lecturer should be treated like a king”, regardless of whether students pay for their education or not.

Academy or university: what’s better?

In Poland, you can see a lot of different names for higher education institutions. What do they mean? Usually, private universities are called Wyższa Szkoła, which literally translates to Higher School. Universities of Technology are called Politechnika and they are always state institutions. There are also academies, which are basically institutions that specialize in one particular field of study, for example: Academy of Music, Agricultural Academy or Physical Education Academy.

What obtaining a degree means for a graduate?

A degree obtained at any Polish university is a document that makes it possible to successfully find a job both in the country and abroad for each graduate. Due to the fact that Polish education meets the requirements and standards of the Bologna system, degrees are recognized throughout Europe and beyond. And of course, it’s possible to get an English version of your degree. A Polish degree is really “just” a pass to any city in any country.

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