How to look for a job in Poland and find it?

Finding a job is something everyone has done or will have to do eventually. So since you’re in a foreign country, how should you look for a job in Poland? Sure, you could just go directly to one of your potential employers, but let’s be real, who does that?

Some numbers

According to, the construction and production industries are consistently dominating in terms of the number of vacancies in Poland. Together they constitute almost 20% of all job offers. The IT and finance sectors are growing in strength. The vast majority of offers in these sectors are in the capital, Warsaw.

After Warsaw (with about 50,000 job offers) stands Silesian Voivodeship (with about 30,000 job offers). Finding a job will be the most difficult in Podlaskie Voivodeship (4,500 job offers).

What about languages? Employers require English at 16% of all of the job offers in Poland. The second most popular language is German, needed at about 13% of job offers.

under construction
Job offers in construction and production industries are dominating in Poland

Some finding job tips

While looking for a job, it is necessary to use not one source, but as much as possible. Also, don’t worry that you don’t know the Polish language at all. Just don’t look for a job in shops or anywhere with direct contact with customers! In most places, employers will be able to communicate with you with English or any requested language. Remember, you just must do your job. Even without knowing the language in Poland, you can work in: factories, at a construcion, as a tutor, uber driver, in any place that works on a foreign project, as well as seasonal work. Usually, you get paid for an hourly rate. So the longer you work, the more you earn!

The most popular sites to find a jobin Poland:


It’d be good if you checked working groups on facebook in the city you’d want to work in. Also, there’s a lot of “working with a language” groups. Usually, only jobs without the required Polish languages are posted there.

Reading resume
Looking for a job can be underwhelming and monotonous, but you have to go through this in order to find the right one

What about your resume?

Writing a resume is the first step to finding a job in Poland. Write a resume in Polish or English. Remember that any experience is a huge plus! Also, don’t forget to put your languages level in your resume and days during which you’ll be available to work. Also, be aware that Polish employers, just like any other, will check your social media, before inviting you for an interview! Check out how Facebook is your CV, too. and make sure your content won’t make the potential employer give up on you.

Finding a well-paid job in Poland quickly?

Possible. But not easy. People coming to another country, usually lose their former status. If you were in your own country, for example, a doctor of the highest category, then here it is necessary to undergo additional training and confirm your diploma to prove to your employer that you still have the same skills. It is unlikely that you’ll become a leading specialist right away.

knocking on the door to your future
When looking for a job, always bear in mind that you’re just one of many candidates! Stand out and be unforgettable.

Some people are fortunate, and they very quickly find a job suitable for them. However, usually, the search for the desired position takes 3 to 4 months. Even becoming a salesman is not that easy! There’s always a lot of candidates, and obviously, the employer will only select one. The search for an excellent job, if you are not highly qualified and sought-after specialist can take a long time. Given the fact that all these months you need to live for something, many people, even those who know the language well and have higher education, begin working in Poland in factories and cash desks in supermarkets.
This does not apply to IT specialists, since, as in any other country, Poland has a shortage of workers in this field.

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