How much does studying in Poland actually cost?

If you’re thinking about studying in Poland, you’ve probably heard that it’s basically free of charge. Well, practically, it is just a myth. How much will it actually cost you to acquire higher education? We decided to make a small summary of potential expenses.

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It’s always worth doing some research

The changes are coming…

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education tries to regulate relations between the university and a student in all ways. It is a very time-consuming process that will probably take more years though. Until then, students are required to pay various fees to the university, for example for prolonging the examination session, taking a year-off, participation in obligatory camps and courses, field research, issuing a copy of the certificate in a foreign language, saving the endangered species of fur animals on Tutli Putli Island, etc.

Private vs. Public

Let us finally explain the issue of mandatory fees…
Private university students are always required to pay tuition.
Public university students do not have to pay tuition fees.

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Remember to always count the expenses

The above model is simple and understandable for everyone, right? However, there is a particular exception to it – part-time and post-graduate studies at state universities are ALWAYS PAID. The exception is the so-called co-financed programs (e.g. by a private enterprise) when students are exempt from the obligation of paying tuition fees.

The amount of tuition fees at private universities depends on the field of study. The most expensive are economical, IT and business majors; the cheapest are humanities and social studies. Accurate price lists are always available on the websites of individual universities. Pay attention, to the significant issue, i.e. the number of instalments, as some universities collect tuition fees for the full 12 months (including the holiday period). In this case, the course will be more expensive – sometimes even 1000 PLN (about 300$) for the academic year.

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Not only should you focus on your interests, but also on costs of living and studying

Even more to worry about

Let’s be honest here: the tuition is your slightest worry. The regular costs of living or renting a flat, eating or entertainment are, on the other hand, definitely much more challenging…

When you can have a possibility to study in our hometown, most of the expenditure does not apply to you. If, however, you are planning to study in another city, then you should prepare yourself for quite an expense…

Do you still think that studying in Poland is completely free of charge or have you changed your mind yet?

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Discuss the options with your friends and family

The eternal question of almost every young student: what about accommodation? Don’t worry! Many generations of Polish students had to answer the same question. What did they choose most often? What did they pay attention to when renting an apartment? How did they find the perfect one?

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