Costs of living in Poland

It’s not a mystery that living in Poland is cheaper compared to other European countries. Poland has a moderate cost of living index. Larger cities are significantly more expensive than in rural areas. One of the main reasons why people choose to move to Poland is usually affordable prices of rent, food and entertainment. On the other hand, earning are considerably smaller than in countries in Western Europe. To help you with the decision, I’ve made a list of general expenses making up the cost of living in Poland. Let’s take a look!

Costs of accommodation

Just like in other countries, the cost of housing in Poland can be defied, by the distance from the main square. Everyone ready to live a little further and/or can manage a small commute will definitely find better/bigger/cheaper apartments. When it comes to renting a flat, Warsaw is the most expensive city. The average cost of a medium size flat in the capital can get up to 2800 PLN per month. A little cheaper units can be found in such cities Wroclaw (2260 PLN) and Gdansk (1995 PLN). The most affordable “bigger” town in Poland in Bydgoszcz, with rents around 1267 PLN.Obviously, I’m talking a month rent in a medium size flat. To that payment, you need to add utility costs. On average, bills for electricity, heating, water and garbage for a medium size flat are costing 620 PLN. Of course, the price will depend on the city you live in, local council tax and your utility usage. Internet is another additional cost, probably another 45 PLN.

Costs of food

Compared to western countries like France or England, food in Poland is relatively cheap. We are talking about average, around 50% lower! Prices of some products may be surprising, like cheese or meat, which amount is among the weakest in the whole European Union. Eating at home, as well as eating out, is generally cheaper than in most countries. Prices for Polish products are very reasonable, but imported items can be much more expensive.

Shopping centres are available in every bigger polish city. Usually, they are open 6 days a week, around from 8.00 to 21.00. If you all about fresh and 100% ecological products, local shops are mostly free from Monday to Friday, generally between 7.00 to 18.00. Although smaller points are definitely closed on Sundays. On the growing wave of popularity in Poland, there are currently Bazaars. Healthy eating awareness has brought with it interest in fruit and vegetables directly from farmers. Most frequently Bazaars are open from Monday to Saturday.

What about numbers? Well:
– The average cost of a meal and drinking in Inexpensive restaurant is between 15 and 30 PLN
– Three-course dinner for two people in a mid-range restaurant costs roughly 120 
– Simple McDonalds (or some other burger/fast food restaurant) cost around 15-20 PLN
– Regular cappuccino is doable for 6-10 PLN
– 0.5-litre draught of domestic Beer in a local pub    stays between 4-10 PLN

Costs of transport

Public transportation is relatively cheap, especially for students, pupils and senior citizens. There are plenty of large programs of discounts on long-term ticketing. On a national scale, Poland’s central location and the popularity of low-cost air travel I enormous advantage. It makes it easy and affordable to explore the rest of Europe while living in Poland. All of the major Polish cities have their own airport

Let’s crunch some numbers: 
– The average cost of a one-way ticket of Local Transport is about 3.40 PLN, while the regular price of monthly pass goes between 89-100 PLN.
– Start of a taxi with standard tariff costs roughly 6.50 PLN and its 1km costs around 2.40 PLN. 
– One litre of gasoline is an expend up to 4.60 PLN

Costs of entertainment and going out

Group of happy young people sitting together at the beach

Well, that theme is really slippery because “something fun to do” is different for each one of us. Typical entertainment is not too different from what is available at the border, except for the price of the service itself. Yes, the frequency of shows of world-class performers is a bit lower, but that goes with prices:
– The average cost of concerts or music gigs (much depends on the venue) is from 10 to 50 PLN
– Regular cinema ticket goes in the range of 18-35 PLN
– Theatre ticket starts from 50 up to 200 PLN
– Club entry around 15, and up to 30 PLN during Saturday Night Fever

Last but liest…

Cost of living in Poland (as a student)

Group of young students sitting and preparing for lesson while studying together

In comparison to other countries in Europe, Poland is a relatively cheap place to study and live as a student. Prices depend significantly on the city and your lifestyle, but a student can get by with about EUR 300 at their monthly disposal. Average costs of student living range is roughly from EUR 350 up to EUR 550. Approximately because there are plenty of factors, which can dramatically influence monthly expenses. Starting from textbooks and “on the campus” expenses, ending up in lifestyle choices like being vegan or travelling only by bike or a bus.

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