Accommodation, health insurance and Student Card

Together with the questions directly related to studying in Poland, there is another group of significant issues in that subject. Once you came here, you have to live somewhere, be prepared for random life events and profit fully from student status. That’s why we made this short list of tips and guidelines regarding accommodation, health insurance and Student Card. Take a look!


There are plenty of options for student to arrange accommodation in Poland. They vary depending on the city and higher education institution you choose. Many Polish universities have their own dormitories, and that’s usually the cheapest option available. However, most Polish students prefer to rent a room in a private apartment.

Student houses and dormitories

The pricing of the student houses is regulated differently by each university. Usually, it’s the cheapest way of living for students. The cost of accommodation in a dormitory range around EUR 60-80 per month, for a shared room. Single room is between EUR 100-150. Although, the standard of dormitories may differ significantly even between various student houses of the same college. It’s good to be prepared and do some research before the final decision. What does not change is a friendly atmosphere in the student houses.

Private housing

It’s more and more popular in Poland to rent a room or even a whole apartment. Plenty of students not-from-area share flats in this way. Cost depends highly on such factors as the city itself and location within,  size and quality of the room/apartment. Average monthly rent ranges from 150 to 200€. Be prepared that some landlords may require a deposit an amount of one rent. Don’t worry if you don’t have friends to live with. Sharing a flat with locals is an excellent opportunity to know more people and learn something new from the experience of living together. If that’s your first time in the city/country, by sharing an apartment you can have a free tutorial of regional customs and traditions! And if you are really not sharing person, you can find an independent studio.

Health insurance in Poland

For students from the EU countries, healthcare in Poland is provided in a way, that they could hold valid medical insurance in the national insurance system of their country. To be entitled to free medical care, a student is required to have valid:
– student identity card,
– passport
– European Health Insurance Card (Europejska Karta Ubezpieczenia Zdrowotnego). Every detailed information about health care, you can find on the website of the National Health Fund.

Students from outside of EU/EEA countries should purchase their own international medical insurance before arriving in Poland. Otherwise, they will have to sign a voluntary health insurance agreement with the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) and pay their own insurance fees. It’s super expensive, around 15€ per month. Under this insurance system, students are entitled to free medical care and can use health centres as well as university health care clinics. All foreign students also have the option of buying separate insurance, strictly about accidents. To get more information, go to the website of the National Health Fund.

No matter if you, have insurance or not – If you find yourself in case of emergency, sudden disease, injury or health deterioration, call an ambulance. Don’t hesitate and if necessary, go directly to a hospital. In this case, medical transport is free of charge. But don’t forget to present your valid European Health Insurance Card or a replacement certificate.

Together with the National Health Fund healthcare, Poland has well-developed private health care services. A single visit ranges from 80 to 150 zloty, depending on the kind of medical advice you looking for, and the region you’re staying.

Emergency service phone number, like all over the world, is 112

Student Card

In some cases, your student card can be more important than your identity card! Not only it’s confirming your student status and allow to use of libraries and other universities facilities. It also entitles you to every student discount there are. Most importantly, we are talking about a 50% discount on public transport and a 37% discount on national railways. Student Card not only allows you to travel all around the country for less. Some other transport companies, together with museums, theatres, cinemas and restaurants, prepared discount prices for students. Absolute must have!

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