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The best Polish festivals

Oct 27, 2019
Usually, holidays are the most entertaining months of the year. Music, film and literary festivals are just waiting [more]
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Facebook is your CV, too

Oct 25, 2019
There is a massive competition among the candidates running for a given job. Recruiters use more and more technique [more]
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The most popular Polish sportsmen and sports...

Oct 23, 2019
On stadiums, courts, tracks and trails. On TV screens or live. Poles are watching achievements of their favourite s [more]
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Polish Oscar winners

Oct 21, 2019
When we think of Polish Oscar winners, we think mainly of Wajda, Polański and, recently, Pawlikowski. These brillia [more]
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Culture of drinking alcohol in Poland

Sep 30, 2019
When we hear about beer, the first thing that comes to mind is the Czech Republic and Germany. France, in turn, is [more]
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Medical studies in Poland, part II: Doctor&#...

Sep 24, 2019
If you’re reading this, you probably are not only interested in medical studies, but also you want to become [more]
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Medical studies in Poland, part I: not only ...

Sep 24, 2019
Everyone who at least once considered the path of studying medicine or related fields probably wondered about a str [more]
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Markus Salmela, an international student of ...

Sep 17, 2019
“In a way, I didn’t choose Poland, but Poland chose me”. Markus Salmela, the international studen [more]
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woman is holding purse, credit card in hands and calculating the costs

When you’re a student and you need some extr...

Aug 01, 2019
Students are known for not having much money. Only some can count on financial help from the university, the rest h [more]
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10 most popular fields of study in Poland

Jul 30, 2019
Poland’s university landscape is a bit different than in other countries. As a developing country, Poles does [more]
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