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Polish food

Polish alcohol (and why it’s much more than vodka)

“Polish vodka” is a well-known sentence all around the world. Heck, even Bruce Willis himself advertised Polish vodka “Sobieski” some time ago. Although vodka is Poland’s one of the most popular export commodity, Polish alcohols are much more. Especially nowadays, when the local brewing, winemaking, liqueur and cider production industries it thriving. If you are spirits amateur and passionate of good liquor, I’m inviting …

Regional cuisines in Poland

Polish cuisine is known for its distinctive taste within the gastronomic world. Also, some of the unique Polish dishes are much less accessible once you leave the country. Everyone who has spent enough time in Poland to dive into the local food will surely miss them. Commonly Polish food universe is limited to dumplings, sausages and potatoes. That’s only not true but also harmful. …

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